Swimming / Schwimmen

Yesterday the last swimming competitions during the FICEP/FISEC Games took place in the Stadionbad Wolfsberg. The athletes from Malta, Austria, Chile, France and the Netherlands showed great performances and clearly had fun.

You can find detailed information and results on: https://www.msecm.at/en/event-details?eventid=1773


Gestern fanden im Stadionbad Wolfsberg schon die letzten Schwimmbewerbe in den FICEP/FISEC Games statt. Die Athleten:innen aus Malta, Österreich, Chile, Frankreich und Niederlande zeigten tolle Leistungen und hatten sichtlich Spaß.

Detaillierte Informationen und Ergebnisse findet ihr unter: https://www.msecm.at/en/event-details?eventid=1773

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Closing Ceremony / Abschlusszeremonie

The FICEP/FISEC games ended with the farewell party yesterday. The closing ceremony included a slide show of the week's most impressive images, the fairness award was presented, and the medals in swimming and athletics were presented. It was a sensational week with a lot of experiences and impressions for the athletes from the 15 nations.