Greetings by Ulrich Zafoschnig, President of the SPORTUNION Kärnten

Sport is very important in our lives! Thus, I highly appreciate, that SPORTUNION Kärnten was selected as host and organizer of the FICEP-FISEC Summer Games 2022 in Klagenfurt. Klagenfurt is an open-minded host city in the south of Austria, which has widely been recognized for its beautiful landscape. The FICEP-FISEC Summer Games 2022 are a great opportunity: on the one hand for the young athletes, who will get the chance to compete with other young people under the conditions of a major international sport event, and, on the other hand, for the city of Klagenfurt as well as for the region of Carinthia and its reputation as popular destination for international sport events. I am sure, that we will be able to attend exciting, fair and safe competitions and that it will be an impressive experience for all of us!

© Foto:SPORTUNION Kärnten

FICEP-FISEC Summer Games 2022 in Klagenfurt

SPORTUNION Kärnten was selected as the next organizer of the FICEP-FISEC Summer Games 2022 in Klagenfurt Klagenfurt, the provincial capital of Carinthia/Austria, will be the host for another major sports event in the region in July 2022: the FICEP-FISEC Summer Games. The President of FISEC, Lies Janssen, and the President of FICEP, Gerhard Hauer, handed


FICEP (Fédération Internationale Catholique d’Education Physique et sportive) was founded in 1911 and consists of 12 member associations. It has its head office in Paris and an administrative office in Vienna. Every two years, the member associations nominate their best athletes for the Summer Games (and every four years for the Winter Games) to compete against each other. In addition, FICEP organizes the FICEP-Camps on a regular basis for those young athletes who intend to improve their performance in different kinds of (trend) sports. FICEP is a sports association acting on the basis of the ethical ideals of Christianity, advocating the Christian ideas of man in sports and communities. FISEC (Fédération Internationale Sportive de l’Enseignement Catholique) is an international schoolsports organization based on the same values. Since 2014, the associations jointly organize the FICEP-FISEC-Games.