The dignity and sanitary integrity of every athlete is the foundation for a fair sporting competition. Any manipulation, especially by doping, violates this dignity and thus the ethical foundations of sport. The fight against doping is therefore of paramount importance for the credibility of sport.

The Anti-Doping prevention is an important topic for the FICEP/FISEC as well as for the SPORTUNION.

Medical Committee FICEP

The medical committee is part of the sports committee and is the conversational partner of the FICEP for general medical questions. It especially deals with the topic of Anti-Doping and supervises the correct process of prescribed Doping tests and conducts itself Doping tests if necessary.

Anti-Doping Code and Declarations

A successful fight against doping is inconceivable without the active help of the FICEP athletes, coaches and all other participants of the FICEP/FISEC Games  – also in public. An important contribution to this effort is the FICEP Anti-Doping Code and, among other things, the obligatory declaration of the athletes and coaches that has to be signed before the games.

Anti-Doping Code and Declarations

Information Desks

During the games in Klagenfurt the SPORTUNION works together with the NADA Austria. They will provid and host a clean sport outreach. The outreach booth with employees of NADA Austria is available for all participants, especially young athletes, coaches, functionaires and parents and covers all questions about anti-doping work.

The NADA Austria brochures as well as all online offers and apps are available to the visitors. There is also the possibility to virtually walk though a doping control which was developed by our colleagues of the Australian Anti-Doping Agency and to win give-aways in various mini games and quizzes. NADA Austria


The SPORTUNION provides STAR RIBBON to offer the possiblity to actively  commite yourself to clean sport and against doping. The ribbon is used as symbol for raising awareness. More information