The Fédération Internationale Catholique d’Education Physique et sportive ( FICEP) was founded as Union Internationale des Oeuvres Catholiques d’Education Physique in 1911 and currently consists of 12 member states and 12 associations. Its current name was given to the organisation in 1947. The FICEP is an international sports association acting on the basis of ethical ideals of Christianity, advocating the Christian ideas of man in sports and communities.

The FICEP understands sports as a means of development for each individual on the basis of the message of the Gospel regarding physical, mental, social, ethical and cultural aspects. In addition to that the FICEP communicates ideals like fairness, tolerance, charity or respect of life via the means of sports. The organisation assists young people by offering them the possibility to carry out sports activities on an international basis and to engage for the advancement of nations in a globalized world. Find out more


The Fédération Internationale Sportive de l’Enseignement Catholique (FISEC) is an international schoolsport organisation. FISEC’s members are national sports and schoolsports organisations with a catholic signature
FISEC  was established in 1948 and is a professional organisation that organises sports games every year for young people from its member countries.
In its activities the organisation aims at stimulating sports by professional sports educators, within a well-defined pedagogical framework, including human values, fair play, social and cultural aspects. Apart from the professional set-up of the sports events FISEC aims at including in its Games the added value of cultural exchange and human interest. Find out more