Integrative relay race / Integrativer Staffellauf

Today there was an integrative relay race in 4 x 100 m as part of the athletics event. Also present were the 2 Special Olympia athletes Karl-Martin from DSG Sport and Daniel from Caritas, who started as 4th runners in each of the 2 participating relay teams. Both teams went under 60 seconds so it was really a very close result.


Heute gab es im Zuge der Leichtathletik Veranstaltung einen integrativen Staffellauf in 4 x 100 m. Mit dabei waren die 2 Special Olympia Sportler Karl-Martin von DSG Sport und Daniel von der Caritas, die auf die 2 teilnehmenden Staffeln je als 4. Läufer an den Start gingen. Beide Teams blieben unter 60 Sekunden, es war also wirklich ein sehr knappes Ergebnis.

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Closing Ceremony / Abschlusszeremonie

The FICEP/FISEC games ended with the farewell party yesterday. The closing ceremony included a slide show of the week's most impressive images, the fairness award was presented, and the medals in swimming and athletics were presented. It was a sensational week with a lot of experiences and impressions for the athletes from the 15 nations.