Monday, 25.07.2022 / Montag, 25.07.2022

Some results from Monday, 25.07.2022

The games got off to a great start for the girls and boys from Flanders – they are leading in basketball and volleyball after the second day of play.
In table tennis doubles, the boys from Germany were able to bring victory to their country, and the French women won the girls doubles.
In futsal, the Austrians emerged as glorious winners.

Einige Ergebnisse von Montag, den 25.07.2022

Für die Mädchen und Jungen aus Flanders sind die Spiele super gestartet – sie führen nach dem 2. Spieltag in Basketball sowie in Volleyball.
Im Tischtennis Doppel konnten die Jungen aus Deutschland den Sieg in ihr Land holen, bei den Mädchen Doppel gewannen die Französinnen.
In Futsal gingen die Österreicher als glorreiche Sieger hervor.

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Closing Ceremony / Abschlusszeremonie

The FICEP/FISEC games ended with the farewell party yesterday. The closing ceremony included a slide show of the week's most impressive images, the fairness award was presented, and the medals in swimming and athletics were presented. It was a sensational week with a lot of experiences and impressions for the athletes from the 15 nations.