Greetings from the presidents Lies Janssen and Gerhard Hauer

Welcome to the 2022 FICEP-FISEC GAMES

“Come back stronger” in Klagenfurt, Austria

After two years of pandemic, very little opportunity for young people to be with their friends, to do sports, to do anything active at all, FICEP and FISEC, have the pleasure to announce that in 2022 the FICEP-FISEC Games will take place, with thanks to SPORTUNION Kärnten and the City of Klagenfurt in Austria. Finally, an opportunity to meet, build new friendships and be active in the sport you all love so much.

The chosen theme for these games “Come Back Stronger” refers to our firm belief in the resilience of people, young and old, their ability to overcome difficult times and come out of the challenge stronger, wiser, and grateful for contact and friendship. We are convinced that sport plays a crucial role in building friendship. The FICEP-FISEC Games 2022 will be a great opportunity to experience sport and friendship again.

Unfortunately, some of our member countries are still not able to join us this time due to the after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which we very much regret. We shall miss our friends and competitors from these countries. In our thoughts they will be with us. We are confident that they will join us again in the future.

Because we fully realize that it was challenging, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation to:  our member countries, their staff, the parents of participants and last but not least the organizers in Klagenfurt, to have the courage to engage in this event.

To all partcipants: pick up the challenge of our slogan show us that you have  “Come back stronger”.  Have the courage to share your experiences of the pandemic, maybe the sadness, the loneliness, the joy of being able to meet with friends again. We look forward to experiencing all that from 23 – 29 July in Klagenfurt.

Have good preparations and a safe trip: see you in Austria

Lies Janssen                                               Gerhard Hauer

President FISEC                                         President FICEP


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Closing Ceremony / Abschlusszeremonie

The FICEP/FISEC games ended with the farewell party yesterday. The closing ceremony included a slide show of the week's most impressive images, the fairness award was presented, and the medals in swimming and athletics were presented. It was a sensational week with a lot of experiences and impressions for the athletes from the 15 nations.